☑ Simple.
With just a few taps, anyone can place an order with our super-easy-to-use interface. Simply open the app, confirm your location, and order all the food, drinks, and merchandise you want from that venue!

☑ Streamlined.
After placement, your order is automatically handled and organized on our servers, it is assigned to one of our SPUDs (SeatPotato Uniformed Deliverers) nearby, who then picks it up from the concession stand and delivers it fast to you. The whole process is constantly monitored by our on-site management team to ensure a high-quality, efficient service.

☑ Tailored.
We continuously customize the interface to adapt to every venue's needs and to reduce congestion, for everyone’s benefit. We also show you the most relevant items on demand, so you can kick back and truly enjoy the event. Hot and humid outdoors? Ice-cold beer may be the first thing you see. Cold winter day? Bump up the hot chocolate!
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