☑ Safety.
We take safety EXTREMELY seriously, and the SeatPotato service adheres to all federal, state, and local regulations.  All of our staff are TABC and food handler certified and our delivery process incorporates multiple safety and health related "fail-safes." 

☑ A Smarter Concession Service.
Our "Third Wheel" Operational Concept will drastically increase your concession sales and simultaneously reduce the lines in your most congested areas.  "Third Wheel" is a beautiful combination of teamwork, simplicity, process control, inventory, and order management that will forever change the way you view concession service.  The best part, our team will set it up for you!

☑ Create Impulse Buys.
What's better than ice cold water and sun block on a hot day, or hot chocolate and a team sweatshirt on a cold day?  Our delivery personnel will not only treat your spectators like VIPs, they are also trained to satisfy your VIPs needs for instant gratification!
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